Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 3: Your Ultimate Communication Companion

The Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 3 is a product of the Xiaomi company, and when it comes to its range, you can communicate up to a distance of 5000 kilometers.

Through today’s article, we will provide you with information about the Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 3. If we talk about Xiaomi, is known for adding new products to its catalog.

Walkie Talkie 3 Price

Xiaomi has currently launched this product only in China. Speaking of its price, it is available at Yuan 399 (₹4,700 approximately). Compared to the previous generation, there are many significant changes in this model.

The Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 3 supports 4G Full Netcom, which supports three major telecom companies in China. This is the reason why its range or coverage is 5,000 kilometers. However, it will only work within China. This range is significantly higher than the Traditional Intercom Call Distance.

Walkie-Talkie Features and Specifications

If we talk about the features and specifications of the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3, it offers options for Independent Group Building, Quick Team Formation, and Private Intercom, without the need for any kind of advanced settings. It also has OTA Upgrade Support, which means that any future updates will also be available on the device.

The Mi Walkie Talkie 3 also offers options for Intercom Method, One to One Intercom, One to Many Intercoms, and Two Way Voice Call. It has a High-Performance audio system, a 40mm Large Size Speaker Unit, and Professional Audio Processing Chip, which provides 30% more volume than the previous model.

In addition, it also features Environmental Noise Cancellation Algorithm (ENC) support. The Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3 comes with a 3,000mAh battery, providing up to 100 hours of Ultra Long Standby Time, and can be used for up to 60 hours. It has a dual-color display and comes with IP54 protection. It also has an integrated back clip and offers Bluetooth connectivity options. Type-C interface support is also available.


This type of device can be used in any private company where it takes time to go from one department to another. It is very necessary to access information, so it is used for that as well. There is no need to make any kind of call in it. Two people can connect with each other very quickly in this.

It is widely used in large institutions, media, and the film industry. In addition to this, security agencies used to use it in the past. But nowadays, other smart devices have taken their place. In such a situation, organizations use it for their employees according to their convenience.

In this way, you can say that Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 3 is an eye-opening product. So, how did you like this article ‘Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 3 | Its Range Will Be 5000 KM’? You can let us know through comments. Apart from this, you can also email us if you want. Thank you.

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